What is the real mystery behind the “Mysterious Force’ of AD 43?

Surely the founding of the Mysterious Force by King Herod Agrippa and 8 other Jews in AD 43, and made public in the publishing of The Dissipation of the Darkness by Adwad Khoury in many languages around 1929 from Beirut, Lebanon should cause concern that this association might actually be the founding of the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ that was  prophesied to wage a  deliberate  war  against Jesus, his followers,  and what he called the Holy Ghost.

A copy of the English version of Adwad Khoury’s Dissipation of the Darkness in PDF can be read through the following address. It includes copies of original pictures except a newer version of the president of Brazil has replaced the old original one of this same president. This copy is of an original zerox copy produced through Microsoft Word, except the first one or two pages that have been somewhat altered. A copy of the first page of an Arabic version by this same writer is also enclosed.



If readers of this amazing booklet are concerned enough to let each word speak for itself, and not to maintain the attitude that ‘they already know what it is trying to say’, surely the revelations involved will cause one’s hair to stand on end. By reading it from beginning to end, one will find there are no questions that are left unanswered. The author took a lot of time in establishing a true account about what he was showing to the world. As a former Mason himself, he believed all Masons should know what they are getting into and especially the origin, or why it was founded, the date, and the names of the founders.

According to the Second Section, Chapter One, page 30, the day this weird venture started coming together was June 21, AD 43 in the Court of Jerusalem. Read it for yourself, it was argued the impostor Jesus’ men were taking the Jewish people away from their own religion, even destroying the very name Jew, etc. and there had to be a way to overcome the power Jesus seemed to have given them. Since Hiram Abiud claimed the whole nation seemed to go after Jesus, it should be made clear this secret association was not endorsed by the average Jew. Only the original nine (9) and their descendants would ever know the purpose, date, or names of these founders, and it was to last till the end of time or until all Jesus’ men and his Holy Ghost were destroyed from off the earth. Since this was a deliberate war against Jesus and his Holy Ghost because of his claim to be the Christ, it should leave no doubt this Mysterious Force was to be the birth of the prophesied Anti-Christ that is to be revealed (exposed) in the ‘end’ time. We also need to notice these nine agreed the ‘force’ behind the Mysterious Force was the very ‘Spirit of the Jewish Religion’. Otherwise, the very Spirit of the Jewish religion was the foundation of the Mysterious Force.

If people actually believed the written scriptures, this blog would be a lot easier, but because they don’t, the battle  line is drawn between what is written and what is unwritten, to wit: ‘what the Lord said, and what he did not say’. Not believing what the Lord said goes back to Adam.

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